Test Report

SR-CD-12/20 , 11/19 - -Silent Raider

For the SEADOO 4-Tech, SOLAS developed the SR-CD-12/20 for the supercharged PWC and the SR-CD-11/19 for the stock 4-Tech. These newly developed 4 blade impellers offer better acceleration and top end performance. Solas has developed a new model of impellers specifically for 4 stroke PWCs. These impellers allow 4-stroke motors to achieve their full potential and best possible performance. These impellers will enhance the performance of your PWC.

HA-CD-17/29,18/30 - -Make the Speed Up

The SOLAS HA-CD-17/29 and HA-CD-18/30 deliver more power and stronger acceleration for the 4-stroke Honda F-12X and R-12X. For your F-12, the SOLAS HA-CD 09/18 offers even more acceleration and a much better top end performance.

YF-CD-13/19 - -Make the Best Better

The SOLAS Concord Impeller will give the top rated Yamaha GP1300R better hole shot, faster acceleration, and better top end performance. The SOLAS YF-CD-13/19 can deliver much more power, gain speed, and correct cavitation problems. It features large area blades and special pitch distribution, plus it has a low friction polished mirror surface.