R & D

SOLAS possesses an outstanding R&D team. Each member is willing to accept challenges, to break through barriers, and to strive for improvement on existing technologies. Because of our outstanding R&D team, SOLAS not only stands at the top of the world propeller industry, but also possesses a diverse R&D strategy.

SOLAS frequently conducts academic and industrial cooperative development projects with Taiwan leading research institutions. In recent years, we have expanded our vision to leisure watercraft propulsion systems, and have established a new, comprehensive R&D division for that purpose.

SOLAS's R&D teams combine propeller theory, quantitative data analysis, and realistic Field testing technologies to design world class watercraft propellers. With superior CAD, CAM and CAE capabilities, SOLAS now can manufacture products that completely satisfy every customer requirement.

These outstanding R&D and production technologies are the basis on which SOLAS has become the most well known brand in the industry.


Controlling Every Aspect of Quality

SOLAS aluminum alloy propellers surpass regular stainless steel propellers in terms of thinness, corrosion resistance, and quality. SOLAS has become the world's leading brand of stainless steel and aluminum propellers. Numerous tests conducted by major media authorities have proven that SOLAS propellers stand up to collisions better than the competitors', and that long-term durability studies have shown that SOLAS propellers' resistance against rust and corrosion outperforms all the others in their class.

We have been always instilling a high level of quality consciousness in all of our employees, and each employee helps ensure the quality of our products. This not only helps reduce personnel costs, but more directly improves progress and reduces inventory space through on-site raw material inspection. Inspections are carried out in the most meticulous manner, from material receiving through processing to finished product shipment. SOLAS has also installed analysis equipments to assist the inspection and testing process, including composition tester, hardness tester, CMM systems, salt spray testing machine, rubber torque tester, and dynamic balance machine.We combine these standard quality inspection procedures with data analysis to improve product design and production processes, therefore increasing customer satisfaction.

In 1994, SOLAS was granted ISO-9002 certification from BSI, the UK certification authority. In May of 2003, SOLAS was awarded ISO-9001 certification (2000AD version). In 2021, Solas was further certified with ISO 14001, international standard of the environmental management system. These quality certifications serve as strong evidence of our commitment to continuous quality improvements and service.


With its strong foundations in R&D and the outstanding technology of its production department, Solas values any and all voices of its customers and keeps constantly innovating and improving its products to provide better quality and to expand production capacity.

We have also adopted the Advanced New Production System (ANPS) to improve manufacturing efficiency to reduce inventories, and to eliminate personnel and material wastes. Solas focuses its production improvement efforts on efficient use of space, increased yield, first-in-first-out processes and automated equipment (such as robotic dipping arms). We are constantly improving processes and striving toward even higher levels of quality.

In another word, Solas employs a consistent"one piece flow" production system, completely integrating R&D with manufacturing to produce flawless products that stand above the competitors’ and exemplify innovation and excellence.