Q&A Impeller

Q1 : Which Solas impeller should I use?

A1 : The first thing you have to know is the model and year of your personal watercraft. On the selection of a right impeller for your boat you may check the IMPELLER SELECTION GUIDE and the Solas impeller recommendation charts. You may find the recommendation charts under different PWC brand name in the PWC PARTS section. The "*" in the recommendation charts marked the replacement parts for the stock pump.

Q2 : Will a high pitch impeller goes faster than a lower pitch one?

A2 : If your watercraft does not have adequate power, you will experience slower acceleration, lower top end rpm, and probably slower top speed.

Q3 : Where can I buy a solas impeller for my watercraft?

A3 : You may check with your local dealer or specialty shop for Solas products or send us an e-mail for dealer information.You can check our web page of "Where to Buy"