Selection Guide

How to select impellers for your personal watercraft :

SOLAS is committed to producing personal watercraft impellers of the highest quality to provide the ultimate in PWC performance. SOLAS impellers are race proven around the world for their extreme durability and superior efficiency.

To provide your personal watercraft with the best possible performance, SOLAS offers the following guide to selecting the suitable impeller for your PWC:

Selection ConsiderationImpeller Solution
Q1: Engine RPM is too high or is exceeding manufacturers' recommendations at full throttle. A1: Increase impeller pitch.
Q2: Engine RPM is too low or not reaching its rated RPM at full throttle. A2: Decrease impeller pitch.
Q3: High altitude operation. A3: Decrease impeller pitch.
Q4: Cold weather operation. A4: Increase impeller pitch.
Q5: Top speed and performance under all conditions. A5: Increase or decrease impeller pitch to reach the manufacturer's recommended RPM at full throttle.